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What kind of Bible school is All Nations Biblical Study Center?                                    

All Nations is a Biblical Study Center, offering tuition-free Bible courses to anyone desiring to further their Biblical education. Where traditional Bible Colleges have become associated primarily with the preparation of full-time pulpit ministers, All Nations operates under the umbrella of the local church and is focused upon providing quality biblical instruction to all individuals, regardless of their specific ministry calling.

What are the costs?

All Study Center classes are tuition-free.  Opportunities are provided throughout the semester for those who desire to contribute. A $25 student fee is suggested per student each semester to assist with operational expenses and Library resources.

How long does it take to complete the Biblical Studies Program?

The Biblical Studies program consists of 25 core courses.  An individual taking 5 courses per semester could complete the program in a 3-year period.  While a certificate will be earned from the Study Center upon completion of courses, All Nations is not a degree-granting institution.  Qualified individuals interested in obtaining an accredited diploma in ministerial studies may enroll in the Berean Studies program, of which there are associated tuition costs and fees.  Further information can be obtained by contacting the Study Center.

What is unique about the courses?

All Nations strives to provide specialized biblical curriculum to its students.  Each course is developed by the Study Center and is aimed at assisting the student better understand the historical, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds of the biblical text. The Study Center believes that this approach will allow students to more effectively apply biblical truths to their life situations.  In addition, the Study Center's Video Production Department provides extensive multi-media and video presentations to students.  These special presentations are filmed on-location in Israel and other Bible Lands and are integrated into Study Center classes.

Will there be tests?

While no formalized testing or grading is administered by the Study Center, "stress-free" evaluations are available to students who would like to monitor their progress.

Does the Study Center have a library?                                                           

The Library & Learning Center at All Nations provides a wide selection of quality biblical reference books to students.  In addition, the Study Center provides an exhaustive computerized biblical library to students via the Study Center computers. 

Does the Study Center offer Child Care?                                                        

Child care will be provided during Paul & His Letters: The Later Years (Sundays) at no cost. 

ANBSC does not officially provide Child Care on Monday evening or during Language classes.  We are, however, willing to put parents in touch with a responsible sitter who will be available on-site.  All arrangements and payments are between the parent and the child care provider.  Please contact the office for further details.


I would like to attend a class, but occasionally would need to leave early or arrive late.  Can I still take the class?


Yes!  We encourage you to make arrangements to record the class with a Tape or Digital Voice Recorder to make up the remaining class time.


Am I still able to participate in weekly classes if I don’t have a computer and/or internet access?


Yes!  Although most courses have a WebPage containing various resources, and class Handouts are posted to be read or printed by the student, these are optional materials.  In addition, the Study Center’s computers are available to students who would like to access these resources in the Library.