Join Us for Fall 2018 Classes

 at All Nations Biblical Study Center

beginning September 10

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All Nations Biblical Study Center is a Free Bible School for Everyone!  Click here to learn more about the Study Center.  We hope that you will join us!

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Fall Course Offerings

The Book of Revelation and Apocalyptic Literature

This course examines the Book of Revelation in its historical, cultural, and literary context as a late first century apocalypse.  The purposes and general characteristics of apocalyptic literature will be discussed in this course, to include: the presence of heavenly messengers, heavenly journeys, the use of symbolic language, the extensive use of numbers, the appearance of strange creatures, end time battles, the New Heavens and New Earth, and more.  This in-depth verse-by-verse treatment on Revelation will assist the student to better understand the historic and prophetic message of this complex New Testament apocalypse.

Mondays, 6:00pm-7:30pm, September 10 - December 3

The Gospel of John: The Book of Glory

This course explores the second half of John’s gospel, from Jesus' final Passover in Jerusalem to His post-resurrection appearances.  Special emphasis will be given to Jesus’ final teachings to His disciples, the details surrounding His arrest, crucifixion and resurrection, and His final instructions to His disciples in the Galilee.

Sundays, 9:45am-10:45am, beginning September 16


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