Spring 2013 Course Offerings


         Spring 2013 Course Offerings


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Exploring the Sermon on the Mount

This new course from ANBSC explores Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount as recorded in Matthew 5-7.  These chapters from the Gospel of Matthew contain the core of Jesus’ message. In this Sermon on the Mount, Jesus provides his disciples instruction regarding the most important aspects of daily life in the Kingdom of God. Special emphasis is placed upon interpreting these teachings in their historical, cultural and linguistic setting.

Mondays, 6-7:30pm, beginning January 28


Biblical Backgrounds Series I

This core course from ANBSC introduces students to the Jewish world of Jesus, the first three centuries of Christianity, the literature that enlightens the Bible and the formation of the Biblical Canon.  Class topics include:  Jesus in His Jewish Context, Fist Century Messianic Thought, Important Jewish Religious Groups, The Synagogue and Church, Life and Literature in the Early Church, What Outsiders Said About the Early Christians, Discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Importance of the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, An Introduction to the Hebrew Canon and An Introduction to the New Testament Canon.

Sundays, 9:45-10:40am, beginning February 3

A Journey Through John

Our Wednesday Evening Teaching Series, A Journey Through John, will resume with Chapter 11.  This new Wednesday Evening Teaching Series continues to provide a verse-by-verse treatment on the Fourth Gospel.  Throughout this series, we will explore the historical, cultural and religious setting of the Gospel of John.  We will also highlight the many unique features of John’s Gospel.

Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm, beginning February 6

Registration is not required for this Series, as it will be held in conjunction with Wednesday evening services in the main sanctuary of First Assembly of God Church.  Everyone is welcome!  [Childcare is provided free for this Wednesday Evening Series].


The Torah Through the Ages – Online Course

This Seminar provides a general introduction and overview of the first five books of the Biblical text, known in Hebrew as the Torah.  This course will explore the   foundational role of the Torah in Judaism, the life and ministry of Jesus, the early church and the ministry of the Apostle Paul.  Class discussions include: An Introduction to the Torah and the Hebrew Scriptures, An Overview of each individual Book of the Torah, An Examination of the 10 Commandments, The role of the Torah in the ministry of Jesus, The Early Church and the Torah, and the Apostle Paul and the Torah.  


The Hebrew Prophets – Online Course

This course provides a general introduction to the Prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures.  Class discussions will focus upon the individual prophet, the historical setting of each prophetic book, dominant themes, messianic prophecies, and references to the prophets in the New Testament writings.


The Jewish Writings: from Conquest to Exile – Online Course

This course provides a thorough treatment of the biblical writings from the Jewish conquest of the Promised Land through the return of the Jewish exiles from Babylon. The following books will be discussed in this course: Joshua, Judges, I and II Samuel, I and II Kings, Ezra, and Nehemiah.


Understanding the Parables of Jesus – Online Course

This course in ANBSC’s Life of Jesus Series provides an in-depth look at each of the parables taught by Jesus. The class will examine issues of interpretation with this popular first century teaching style, and will explore what a parable is, why Jesus taught in parables, the various categories of parables and rules for interpreting parables. The historical and theological context and Jewish societal customs will be drawn upon in seeking to understand the message of each parable.


Living Discipleship – Online Course

This course examines what it really means to be a faithful disciple of Jesus.  Whether you are a new disciple of Jesus or have been following the Lord for many years, this course is for you.  The most vital issues pertaining to a life of discipleship are addressed throughout this unique course.  We’ll take a close look at how to pray according to Jesus’ instructions as found in The Lord’s Prayer, examining each of the seven requests contained within this prayer. We’ll also emphasize the importance of the Bible and explore practical ways to be a faithful student of God’s Word.  The purpose of the Church, life within the community of faith, and finding one’s place within the body of Christ will also be discussed. 


The Book of Acts – Online Course

This course explores the life and growth of the Early Church and the most crucial issues facing the early Jewish believers as they carried out Jesus' Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. Special emphasis will be placed on the Jewish roots of the Christian church throughout this seminar. This course will provide extensive visual presentations from throughout the land of Israel and the ancient Roman world, allowing the student to rediscover the Mediterranean world of the first century A.D.


Paul & His Letters: The Early Years – Online Course

This online course examines the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul and his earliest New Testament letters. In addition to a detailed treatment of each selected letter, class discussions will also emphasize the language, style and form of Paul’s letters, the cultural and religious make-up of each congregation, and the influence of Paul’s Jewish training on his letters. The following Pauline epistles will be examined in this course: Galatians, I & II Thessalonians and I Corinthians.


Revelation & Apocalyptic Literature – Online Course

This online course examines the Book of Revelation in its historical, cultural, and literary context as a late first century apocalypse.  The purposes and general characteristics of apocalyptic literature will be discussed in this course, to include: the presence of heavenly messengers, heavenly journeys, the use of symbolic language, the extensive use of numbers, the appearance of strange creatures, end time battles, the New Heavens and New Earth, and more.  This in-depth verse-by-verse treatment on Revelation will assist the student to better understand the historic and prophetic message of this complex New Testament apocalypse.


Jewish Backgrounds of the New Testament

This online course provides a general introduction to the Jewish backgrounds of the New Testament.  The following topics will be discussed during the semester: a survey of Jewish history from the Persian to the Roman period; an introduction to the      Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Rabbinic Literature; the various Jewish parties and sectarian groups, to include the Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes,   Zealots, Herodians, Samaritans, proselytes and God-fearers; the temple and the    priesthood; the Sanhedrin, rabbis and the synagogue; and Jewish festivals and holy days.  Extensive visual presentations are provided for each class session.


The Origins of Christianity – Online Course

This course explores the major issues and events surrounding the establishment of the Christian Church.  Course discussions will highlight how Jewish beliefs, practices, and institutions influenced and shaped early Christianity. Class topics include: Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven; The Early Jerusalem Community; God’s Appointed Times: The Fall Feasts; Jesus the Messiah; The Mission to the Gentiles; Encounters with Paganism; Orthodoxy and Heresy; Elder and Younger Brothers: Early Debates; The Jesus Tradition: Origins of the Gospels; Conversion, Baptism and New Life; The Eucharist and Agape Meal; The Didache: Handbook of the Early Church; and Christianity and Pagan Society. 


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